Which Jewelry Trends Will Be Popular in 2023?

Which Jewelry Trends Will Be Popular in 2023?

Jewelry has the power to make one feel unique. Jewelry trends in 2023 are going to be special in terms of designs, craftsmanship, preferences, and styles that will be enjoyed by many across the globe. Charu Jewels is all decked up with the latest collection of trendy jewelry and exuberantly awaits to lure the customers with its bling. Let's take a look at some of the upcoming Jewelry trends for 2023.

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Pearls are timeless, and they will elevate your Jewelry game like no other. In the coming year, you may find a trend where pearls will let your Jewelry stand out, with a subtle yet sober look and a less blingy yet luxe factor. Jewelry blended with gold and diamonds, along with pearls, will accentuate the glory of the adorner and would be the first choice of many brides and designers across the country.


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One of the most prominent accessorizing staples of the coming jewelry trend will be layering—stacking necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made of different metals, stones, and gemstones will work wonders for the wearer and allow one to ace the glam statement with elegance and grace. One can even mix and match these into heavier assortments for a bolder look.

Colored stones

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Round earrings are ideal for people with square faces. Oversized hoop earrings or earrings with rounded edges will make you look no less than a diva.

Triangle Face

Colors would rule the Jewelry trend in 2023, just as they have for centuries. A splash of vibrant and subtle colours with multi-gemstones is ready to be adorned for the holidays and wedding season. Every shade of a spectacular gemstone reflects an untold story, glorious remembrances, and an attachment that brings out the flow of happiness in every way possible. So get ready to express yourself with Jewelry embedded with colored stones.

Long Face

People with long faces should avoid wearing earrings that sit high on the lobe, as this will accentuate the length of their face. Instead, choose earrings that sit at the bottom of your lobe. Big statement earrings are a great option for you as they can help add some width to your face making it look more balanced.

Inspiration Based Jewelry

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Jewelry curated from nature inspired designs, delicate silhouettes, inspiration from the art, culture and aesthetics of our country and the world around will be gaining hype and will be an important part of the new trend as well. These represent a classic amalgam of contemporary and traditional designs and concepts and can be adorned for various occasions as they add the perfect amount of bling to a look.

Diamond Bridal Jewelry

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Diamond Jewelry has been quite popular among Indian brides and is here to rock their D-Day in the latest trend as well. In 2023, the trend would mesmerise many brides and make them opt for gorgeous diamond Jewelry in popular shapes and designs ditching the kundans and polkis.


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Get ready to embrace a touch of paradise with Meenakari in the latest Jewelry trend of 2023. Meenakari used on metals like gold, silver, and alloys, along with prominent designs like a variety of peacock motifs, Mughal floral patterns, paisley twists, portraits of gods and goddesses, etc., is all set to rock your Jewelry wardrobe. Embedded with intriguing enameling that goes well with a variety of ethnic and Indo-Western outfits, it will be a preference for many.


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Minimal jewelry is expected to be the trendsetter of 2023. Many designer Brands like Charu Jewels, would be offering minimalistic fine Jewelry as an alternative to fast-fashion accessories, which are highly fashionable in terms of trends, look ethereal and add panache to your style statement.

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