“The flaws in the diamonds are what make it beautiful”

Don’t you love diamonds? Or should we ask do you love rough diamonds just as you love the well-cut, shaped, and lustrous diamond? Whatever your answer is, we are here to make you fall in love with the trend that created a buzzword in the jewellery industry – Uncut Diamonds.

Do you know? The process of diamonds takes place under 90 to 140 miles beneath the surface of the earth.

What are uncut diamonds?

Raw or rough diamonds discovered beneath the earth that don’t undergo polishing or cutting process are known as unpolished and uncut diamonds. They look similar to transparent stones having yellow or brown tints. Pure white crystal-like uncut diamonds are very rare & high-priced.

Much similar to polished diamonds, uncut diamonds are valued based on carat, color, and clarity. You can say that only the ‘cut’ of the 4Cs is eliminated for uncut diamonds.

Do you know? Uncut (raw) diamonds are broadly categorized as ‘gem-quality’ & ‘industrial’ quality diamonds.

3 Reasons to Love Uncut Diamonds

  1. Uncut diamond jewellery is as unique & pure as uncut diamonds
  2. The precious stones give a wonderful appeal when paired with colored stones like rubies, emeralds, or sapphires.
  3. Uncut diamonds don’t undergo cutting or polishing so they are comparatively less priced than polished diamonds

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The Rising Trend of Uncut Diamonds

You may wonder if uncut diamonds are directly set in your jewellery. Well, yes. A little toning might be required according to mildly shape & fit it in the desired jewellery design.

We noticed the rising popularity of uncut diamonds as the following trinkets.

Raw Diamond Engagement Ring

Just like diamond solitaire rings have a room in your heart, get ready to welcome engagement rings with uncut diamonds.

As we mentioned above, slight shaping is done but no faceting or polishing comes into the picture. The aim is to preserve the crystal and beautify the visual appeal of a unique engagement ring. Also, your partner will love your idea of something so pure & real like your love.

Uncut Diamond Necklace Set

The accessory galore of uncut diamonds doesn’t end to rings. You get to explore mesmerizing couture necklace sets designed with the uncut theme. You’ve been wearing shimmering diamonds all the time, for a change, you can make a way to outshine them all with the raw & rare beauty of nature.

You may check out our prestigious Diamond Necklace Sets here.

Signature Uncut Diamond Bracelet

A complete set of uncut diamond jewellery is incomplete without bracelets. You must have this super stunning uncut diamond bracelet by your side, don’t you think so. They look superb with intricate design elements like pearls, enamel, etc.

Besides this, you’ve also got bangles studded with uncut diamonds. They’re about to get legit wedding accessories.

Meanwhile, have a look at our diamond bracelet designs.

Hold your Breath – We’re bringing in Uncut Diamond Jewellery Soon!

Your favorite online jewellery store of Surat, India is about to unveil uncut diamond jewellery soon. Feel free to share your guesses about how will be our upcoming collection. We would love to hear if you’re excited about this new addition to our jewellery range.