Summer - The Season of Wedding and Extravagant Jewellery

Summer - The Season of Wedding and Extravagant Jewellery

As the summer season approaches so does our mood for vacation and the big fat Indian weddings. The joy of meeting our far-living relatives, dancing and enjoying with our cousins, wearing the designer & lavish clothes, and then finally topping them up with the most extravagant diamond jewellery, just like the cherry on a cake. Indian weddings, especially held in the country itself, are in a league of their own! Lavish and big, these weddings are never a one-day affair. Most weddings in the country span anywhere from over a couple of days to a week. Having a vast number of functions and rituals in the wedding is all the reasons why we call it a "Big Fat Indian Weddings". And weddings are one exclusive event where everyone loves being extra, from their apparels to the jewellery they carry everything is beyond lavish and fancy. May it is the bride, bridesmaids or your third cousin, everyone here wishes to be extra. And how can we reach the bar of extravagance and posh look? By mere addition of dazzling & captivating jewellery to your ensemble. The question arises, What type of jewellery shall one pair with their outfits to attain the perfect extravagant look? Charu Jewels is here for the rescue presenting you a wide range of neckpieces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings and what not? Necklaces Necklaces worn around the neck adds glory to the face along with the garments. Different types, styles and forms of neckpieces suit different kinds of outfits. But the one neckpiece that could go with anything and everything which also happens to be the hottest pick this summer is this emerald necklace named "Izara’s Necklace that Scintillates"

A graceful piece made with great intricacy, the details and emeralds scintillate like the moon itself. This necklace would undoubtedly prove to be a crowd-puller for all the attention paid to its daintiness. Earrings play the second most important part after neckpieces in a complete outfit. The most important ones remain to be the necklaces. Are you willing to wear a heavy designer piece for the function and have no place to pair the neckpiece with it? Don't worry our earrings have got you all covered. May it be studs, hoops, drops or danglers, we have a vast range of earrings with different varieties. But our hot picks for the upcoming month of May remains to be from the emerald collection called "IZARA". Here we present to you a few pieces of earrings from the Izara Collection.

-Izara’s Earring that Charm

-Izara’s Earrings that are Irresistible

-Izara’s Earrings that Intrigue

-Izara’s Earrings that Tantalize

-Izara’s Earring that Delights

Bracelets, when pairing neckpieces with earrings why let the wrist be alone and empty? Bracelets are the most subtle and perhaps the most elegant piece of jewellery ever. There comes a different type of pieces of jewellery to be worn on the wrist for say bracelets, bangles, bands, etc. But the most elegant ones remain to be the bracelets and bangles. Find the perfect bracelets and pair of bangles for the wedding season that is approaching. Charu Jewels offer some really intriguing designs in bangles and bracelets, here we showcase to you some trendy designs in bracelets that whirls around the emerald collection "IZARA".

-Izara’s Bracelet that Persuades.

-Izara’s Bracelet that Fascinates

-Izara’s Bracelet that Appeals

-Izara’s Bangles that Mesmerise

-Izara’s Bracelet that Entice

Rings May it is for your engagement or for the promise you want your significant other to be bound by, rings are one thing that is used as the token of endearment at both places. Engagement rings and Promise rings are some of the most adorable things that rapture your soul and your sight whenever you have a look over your hand. In the US, it is said to have emeralds as the traditional gifts to their significant others on 20th, 30th and 55th wedding anniversary. And we think we might have just the perfect piece to fulfil your dream if you have one like this.

-Izara’s Rings that Allure.


The other rings from the IZARA Collection that will take you closer to nature are.

-Izara’s Ring that’s Ravishing


-Izara’s Ring that Impress

Here, we conclude our perfect guide to find the best jewellery for your upcoming wedding season. Izara happens to be one of those collections that are inspired by the wondrous happenings of this universe, this one remains to be influenced by the happenings and existence of the miraculous nature.