Scintillating Statement Jewellery From Estella Collection

Scintillating Statement Jewellery From Estella Collection
What is Estella? The name "Estella" comes from Latin word "Stella" which means Stars. Delicate and dainty statement jewellery that emits positive vibes and calmness, a wide range of jewellery that glints like a starry sky at night, something you can outshine with. Making your outfits look more eesome and aesthetic. Estella includes finest and most unique type of jewellery, with its immaculate intricacies and remarkable prong settings, it has become one of the best diamond collection in Surat, truly an ode to dazzling opulence, beautiful artistry that complements your outfit.

What comes under Estella? We have brought in a wide range of mesmerizing jewellery in the Estella collection that can help you glisten your way out. Exciting varieties of rings for men, cocktail rings for women, classy and sophisticated bracelets for men, luxurious bangle/bracelets for women, leather and metal belted diamond bracelets for men, diamond earrings for women, scrupulous solitaires for any type of jewellery and magnificently minimalistic jewellery for any occasion.

Different Shapes of Diamonds. We have used almost all types of diamonds to give the jewellery a special value adhering to different shapes, sizes and colours like round, marquise, oval, pear, princess, emerald, cushion, baguette, radiant in any sizes and colours, whatever suits the design and style. We've come up with precious, semi precious, rare and timeless lustrous stones to accentuate the beauty of our art pieces and accrue its symbolic value.

Types Of Jewellery Our statement jewellery spreads glistening glimmers wherever you take them, there are two types of jewelleries, Minimal and Luxuriously Studded, they are both beautiful and worthy in their own way. Minimal Jewellery means the type of Jewellery that is easy to wear and carry, something that you can put on daily and not look overbearing, in today's time, people prefer everything minimalistic, because that symbolizes showing a lot by doing a little, it gives an effortlessly beautiful look that complements well with your outfit. Cocktail rings are the kind of rings that are perfect for any special occasion, it is something that profoundly glistens and helps you shine your way out of anything. Diamond bracelets for men and women at Charu Jewels are something too difficult to take your eyes off; it can be carried individually or with a watch, something that is made with pure excellence. Neckpieces and Earrings at Charu Jewels truly define luxury, it is made with diamonds skilfully placed in order to form an artful design, mixture of different shapes and sizes of diamonds along with different colours of stones furthermore beautified with dainty carvings. At Charu Jewels, we've come up with a lot of creative ideas to make the jewellery look more alluring by bringing in techniques like enamelling, filigree, sandblasting, granulation, engraving, casting, hammering, embossing and many more, which helps people in styling jewellery as per their taste, and give them something enthralling in return, also to match with today's trend.

Conclusion: Estella collection is one of our finest and most enticing collection, mixture of different types of diamonds, stones, techniques, colours it has become a painstakingly intricate process to make it with perfection.