Mother, a selfless creature who is as strong as a diamond

Mother, a selfless creature who is as strong as a diamond

The journey begins in the womb. Yes! The journey of being a mother begins not when she is born as a daughter, but when you take place in her womb as a foetus. She is not born as a mother but definitely dies as one. The voyage of a mother begins with the birth of their child and concludes at her death.

The journey of a mother from start to finish experiences various halts, which can also be viewed as the progressive stages of life. Being a mother is no less than clearing levels of a competitive game, where you are not left with an option other than being the best.

A mother, in the simplest words, is a multitasker and plays the multi roles her whole life. In your initial years of life, she is the one who feeds you, teaches you how to walk and talk, introduces you to the world and teaches you its rules to survive the world. She is the one who teaches you to understand and interpret the difference between right and wrong, may it be a person or a ball game.

The fact that a mother is not just the mother of their children but also a mother to the hole household, is one of the things that makes her the superhero of the family. She looks after the hygiene and cleanliness of their household, cooks food for the family according to their preferences and moods, maintains the medications and charts of the elderly people in the house, keeps up with the various different timetables of members living in the house and whatnot, the list is endless.

She does provide us with the materialistic and the worldly things which can be provided otherwise in the absence of a mother too, but there remain certain things that cannot be offered by anyone other than our mothers which is the selfless love and care, the tender touch she lays on our head when she senses slightest of stress or sorrow on our face, the best-friend that she becomes to understand and guide you the way when you are stuck in a puzzling situation, the nights she has stayed praying and crying for your health to recover where you were experiencing only a high temperature.

We believe if we start writing on the Earth's floor about all the selfless things a mother does out of love for their children and family, then the Earth's floor would fall short of space and yet the list wouldn't reach the end. That's a mother for you. She is like the good wish-granting machine for you, who will provide you with all the things that you deserve and who will deprive you of all the things that will end up having inadequate effects on you.

Despite us being granted the guise of God himself, we have always taken and taken from our mothers. The current youth has gone taciturn over noticing and appreciating the efforts and the sacrifices of their mothers. It's your turn to gift your mom the love, recognition and appreciation that she has deserved all her life.

And, Mother's Day happens to be just the right event to make her realise that there exists love and respect in our hearts for them every day. This Mother's Day gift your mothers something that she never fails to see and get reminded of your love for her.

Ever wondered why diamonds are the best friends of a woman? Because she herself is as strong as a diamond, and therefore she loves to see her traits reflected in something that she wears. Charu Jewels has a few suggestions that we would like to share with you so that you can get the best gift for your mothers this Mother's Day.