Jewellery Shopping Made Easier With charu Jewels

Jewellery Shopping Made Easier With charu Jewels

At Charu Jewels, we believe in giving customers easy shopping, and we wish to create every possible platform where customers can explore or buy jewellery conveniently. For years and years, Charu Jewels are achieving different milestones. The success of every collection marks a milestone, the online presence on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest makes our jewellery more approachable.

Different ways that make our customer's shopping experience better.

1. Video Call Shopping.

If all our customer is from a different city or if any of our customers are unable to come by for shopping, we provide them the convenience of shopping or exploring jewellery through video call, and they can shop for jewellery while sitting at home. Not only does it result in more personalized customer care, but it also provides an instant pulse on customer sentiment and makes them happy.

2. Guidance by our professional experts.

We have a set of people that are specialized in the jewellery field, handpicked for you; they are well versed with the know-how of everything that happens inside our showroom, from details of the collection to giving you advice and suggestions according to your likes and dislikes, rest assured they will provide you with genuine guidance.

3. Social media presence.

Charu Jewels are present on all social media platforms to spread our collection in the best way possible, and we are available on Instagram, Facebook, youtube, and Pinterest. Our new collection is launched together on all platforms to make it more approachable and easy to explore. Social media is a very preferred and easy-to-use way of buying jewellery.

4. We provide customization to customers.

In today's competitive and creative world, people often love more customized and personalized art pieces for them, something that is out of the box. We customize according to our client's needs and desires to give them ultimate satisfaction because providing the best quality and satisfaction is our utmost priority.

5. Rare and unique collection with varieties.

We aim to give a collection that is unique in its way; our skillful artisans precisely and intricately make our collection along with rare collection we provide the options with of varieties, per se detachable earrings, rings, bracelets or neckpiece, different type of material like metal belts or leather belts that looks modish and trendy. Our collection is one of a kind, and we love experimenting with other stones and metals, we use almost every size and shape of diamonds like oval, pear, princess, emerald, cushion, baguette, radiant, round, marquise, Asscher, and a lot more to give a prominent and defined look to our jewellery pieces.


We aim to give the most exquisite experience to our customers at Charu Jewels, and we love to curate our pieces with utmost care and precision that makes anyone look effortlessly aesthetic and appealing. We create a type of jewellery that makes anyone smile ear to ear. And provide one of the most prestigious diamond jewellery in Surat.