How to Measure Necklace Length | Charu

How to Measure Necklace Length | Charu

Selecting accurate necklace length is of utmost importance if you're someone ordering necklaces online. However, finding an enchanting piece that doesn't fit your neckline properly can be a huge spoiler. Also, even taste matters when ordering jewelry online - selecting a classic piece that looks eternal is something you should always count on. However, with some assistance, you can find an impeccable piece that fits your neck length just right. The right length always depends on the type of neckpiece you choose.

Check these steps without any Ifs and buts for the best outcome.

First, Measure Your Neck
We assure you that most of us have never considered measuring the neck before. Very few of us must have. But after doing it, you will be surprised to see how it can make everything feel like a cakewalk.

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Measuring the neck size is significant, especially when you're someone purchasing chokers. After measuring your size using the tape, you can add two inches if you're purchasing a choker and four inches on average while going for a necklace or a pendant set.

Pick a Style as per Your Neck Size:

Before choosing a neckpiece, you should consider your measurements. For example, if your neck is lean and long - short chains and chokers aren't the perfect ones. Similarly, if you have a shorter neck, a longer neckpiece can make you go WOW! For wider necks, chains are the perfect match.

Face Shape Matters:

Face Shape also plays a significant role in choosing your neckpiece. Women having heart-shaped faces can say a big yes to chokers and short necklaces. However, oval-face ladies can happily flaunt pieces of neckpieces of all kinds. Short chains will help you achieve the desired look if you belong to the long-face category.

Your Fashion Choice Matters:

Suppose neckpieces are the core of your overall look. It would help if you kept your neck area open as feasible. Count on wearing outfits with V-neck, strapless or off-shoulder. These outfits will enhance your neck area; similarly, the neckpiece will be highlighted.
Chokers work well with lehenga cholis, whereas standard neckpieces with mid-length blends with other Indian attires. However, if you're a fusion chic - long stands of diamonds can also work intact.


Ofcourse, there are multiple different options available for neckpieces around. Every piece has a different story and a different concept. All you need is to see what fits your overall look the best. For instance, diamond chokers are perfect for the wedding season. Women looking for a minimal appeal can always go for the single-layer diamond neckpieces. For high necklines, choosing a princess chain fits perfectly, complimenting your collarbone.
Once you're done with choosing your desired neckpiece, you can experiment with it with multiple combinations. Charu Jewels is one of the leading diamond jewelry manufacturers and retailers in Surat. We have got a huge range of neckpieces that can fit your festive season just right. Order online or visit our store in person for that perfect length you demand and desire.
And even if you order online, always remember that your choice matters!