Father, the greatest creations of God. Happy Father's Day

Father, the greatest creations of God. Happy Father's Day

Papa, Father, Papi, Tatay, Abbu, Baba and so on, all of these words mean Father or Dad. But why so many names for just one person? Because one person who is our father holds boundless emotions for his children. He is that one superhero who wears all the capes.

One day he is Superman flying around to fulfil all your needs, the next day he is Captain America who protects you with his shield from all the dangers and sorrows that may harm you, and some other day he is Spiderman who climbs up every situation to rescue you from all the messes you have made.

A father is indeed amongst the greatest creations of God. 

As a matter of fact, dads are the avatars of God. They provide you with everything that is on your mind and that you demand but also restrains you from the unnecessary things that may end up hurting you or prove to be of forfeiture. A father gets mad at you for your silly doings only to teach you a lesson. Fathers have the strictest image according to the credence of the world but will also turn into a soft-hearted person if he sees you in pain. A father toils hard physically and mentally so that you don’t face shortcomings, both physically and mentally. 

A father goes through hell and heaven to nourish and nurture us in the best possible way. Parents have always given and given us, they do things for us without expecting returns, and hence proving to be the most selfless creatures. 

While our mothers pamper us and showers affection of every form, our dads strive behind the curtains to manage and keep our smiles & happiness up high. They fulfil our needs before they have been asked. 

No matter how cliché it might sound that a father is a sons’ first hero and daughter’s first love, this adage sums up the heartfelt emotion and never-ending love which is shared between a father and his children. He, being the one who stood by you whenever you needed him and has done everything in his capacity or even beyond that to make your world a better place. He definitely deserves a salute, love, and gratitude for all the things he has done, and will be doing for you in the future.

When it comes to expressing our feelings for our dad, we all need some special gifts, which can convey the emotions on our behalf in an effortless manner. There are some common gifts like flowers and cakes which you can gift to your dad, but when we need something which can instantly convey our deepest emotions, then personalized gifts are the best options.

It’s time we award our fathers with something that they deserve, don’t panic because Charu Jewels is here for your rescue presenting to you some of the ideas and inspirations that we think would be the perfect gift for your dearest Father. Charu Jewels present to you a segment of endless options that are based on your likes and ideation. Yes! You heard it right, Charu Jewels gives you the option to design your own jewellery and customise it according to your willingness and wants. 

This Father’s Day gift your dad customised real jewellery that is designed by you, because who knows your dad better than his favourite child?

Visit charujewels.com or mail us at care@charujewels.com for any queries. 

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