A couple’s ring selection guide | Charu Jewels

A couple’s ring selection guide | Charu Jewels

No two diamonds or relationships are precisely the same; each has its sparkling identity. On the other hand, love is constant in all things; to make the symbol of your love unique, keep reading.

A couple with mutual understanding is still two individuals with opposing viewpoints and personalities. It is essential to understand certain aspects before finalizing his or her wedding bands. From the particular styles, choices of metals and their symbolic meanings for individuals, occasions, the trend, the placement of the ring, the diamond position and its fittings, and much more. We know there’s a lot but don’t worry Charu jewels selection guide will make things easy for you.

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Here are your 5 simple steps to follow and choose the best rings
1. Begin with the style of your ring—a modern replica or a traditional royal aesthetic, or a mix of the two, if you can't decide on one. When you've decided on a main trend or theme, you can move on to the minor details, such as adding your initials or a date in the inner lining.
2. Next is the metal of the rings; usually gold is the go-to metal for the rings as it’s the statement of investment, but don’t you think it’s not that unique? A diamond studded in gold has an air of elegance and is gender-neutral too. But with various current options of white, rose and yellow gold making their mark in fashion, you can also consider those as per your requirements.

With the majority of things in place by now, Explore your style of Diamond Rings for Women or of Diamond Rings for Men , if you want something different then go for a couples band & simply visit Charu Jewels for it.

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3. Discuss the diamond setting, and explain the various diamond options that you want, Oval, pear, round, etc. Decide how many diamonds you wish for and how you want them fitted in the band.
4. A special tip if you are looking for an occasion-based ring, is it an engagement ring, promise ring, or anniversary ring, make sure the ring is appropriate for your occasion which will add a special touch to it. The occasion also enables you to know the placement, though some couples now don't go with the mandatory ring finger, so explore your comfort.
5. Now, after the placement, you are to the last step: getting your ring sizes right . You wouldn't want to lose something this important due to size issues.

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Charu Jewels will be your best decision of the time as they make sure selecting a ring is not a problem but the simplest choice for you. Visit their store for unforgettable experience and a plethora of options tailored to your specific needs.